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Book recommendations please

Topic is Sleeping.

 devasted30 (original poster member #39439) posted at 9:39 PM on Saturday, September 27th, 2014

I posted on a different thread here, but I thought I'd try a separate post.

I am finally able to read again. I love reading but over the past 20 months, I have been unable to concentrate. It looks like I can now, so I was wondering if you all could recommend some good book. I just finished Mr Mercedes, by Stephen King, which was very good. I love it when he sticks to semi-normal stuff. He does it so well. But, I love all kinds of books. Fiction is my favourite. So, without further ado, has anyone read any great books lately???

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Lucky2HaveMe ( member #13333) posted at 7:25 PM on Sunday, September 28th, 2014

Have you read



Those are 2 of my fave books that I can read over and over.

I loved Water for Elephants - but it has a heavy infidelity story line

The Hunger Games Trilogy

The Testing Trilogy

Divergent Trilogy

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dragon1128 ( member #44340) posted at 5:33 AM on Monday, September 29th, 2014

Here are a few of my favorites

Decline and Fall by Evelyn Waugh

Life of Pi by Martel (can't remember his first name, think it's Yan)

1066 The Year of the Conquest by David Howarth

The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene

Of Human Bondage, and The Razors Edge by W. Somerset Maugham (anything by Maugham is great, but these two are my favorites. He is a master, and my personal favorite)

Roanoke: Solving the Mystery if the Lost Colony by Lee Miller

Devil in the White City by Erik Larson

Those should keep you busy for a while. Some of these I've read 3 times, and they're great every time.

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staystrong101 ( member #41068) posted at 7:47 PM on Monday, September 29th, 2014

I understand about not being able to concentrate. I like to get audio books from the library if I know i'll be driving a lot for work. I'm listening to "Ladies Night" by Mary Kay Andrews. It's very light reading/listening. Basically the ladies (and one man) are all newly divorced, and have been forced by the same judge to attend a divorce support group to work on their anger. The main character has to attend because she drove her H's $175,000 car into the pool after catching him with her young assistant. She also writes a blog about decorating so there are some parts about a house she is fixing up, if you're interested in that. I'm enjoying it and it keeps me from ruminating too much about all my XH's affairs while i'm in the car!

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isthismynewlife ( member #43292) posted at 10:45 PM on Monday, September 29th, 2014

I can't read anything too serious or sad these days so I have busted out all of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books. Easy reading, and they tend to make me laugh out loud.

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devistatedmom ( member #24961) posted at 3:19 AM on Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

NOS4a2 by Joe Hill (Stephen King's son) was written very much in the vein of SK's old stuff. Didn't quite have his dad's flair, but not a bad read at all.

Something a little different was Room by Emma Donoghue was an interesting read.

I can take the time to look through my goodreads logs to see what other ones I've read recently...I went on a horror/mystery binge this past year...I'm currently re-reading The Stand.

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lilies21 ( member #35833) posted at 1:45 PM on Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

I can't recommend the book A Grown Up Kind of Pretty by Joshilyn Jackson enough. If you get the audio, the author actually reads the book herself. It's my go-to book for any kind of mood I am in and I read it several times a year.

Another one of my favorites is A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. I'm so excited because Robert Redford is actually making it into a movie and it should be released next year.

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Topic is Sleeping.
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