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Experiencing a lot of difficulty finding counseling in rural SouthWest.

When WW and i moved away recently from our retirement home in Southern California to be close to my WW's sisters, her only survivingfamuly members we had to scramble to find new IC's and a new MC. We relocated to a retirement community in a rural part of the great SouthWest hinerland, where the availability and quality of medical care, especially in the areas of mental health and relationship counseling are nowhere near as abundant or of the caliber of what we left behind.
Our situation is very complex, involves multiple , decades of lying, deception and paternity fraud and only came to light with WW's confession last Summer. Since then, we have made a lot of progress, however there are stark realities of our hitherto supremely dysfunctional marriage that we desperately need help with. We are both on the far side of 70 and approaching 80 at a breathless clip, so there's not a large amount of time left to get this right. I have made the intention and choice to forgive my WW, and it is a daily practice to achieve that goal, but as anyone can imagine there are myriad issues/triggers on both sides to be resolved. But here's the seemingly intractable problem: We have come up hard against a wall of unavailability, every therapist, counselor or mental health organization we have contacted in our new location, has informed us of lengthy Post Covid waiting lists, often of 8 to 12 months duration, even for tele-counseling/zoom meetings. We both feel that in person meetings are much preferable to has anybody else been hit by this problem? And what is your opinion of the efficacy of zoomed counseling/therapy if we must resort to that medium? Does anybody have any ideas? We have both watched very intently the proprietary affair recovery videos on YTube, but are hesitant to go that route. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

2 comments posted: Friday, May 12th, 2023

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