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Just Wanting to Talk to Someone/Sending Paperwork to Attorney Today

I've posted my story before, you can look in my recent posts if you like.
LSS: married less than 1 year to my WH when I found out he was sexting w/ other women. 3 Ddays...Last one, he was on a date with a woman he met on a dating site.
My WH (STBXWH) and I have been in limbo since Dday (11/1/20). I've maintained that I want to divorce, but he hasn't made any effort to move so we've been living together. During this time, he's been loving and supportive and telling me he'll wait as long as it takes for me to heal and be ready to be with him again. He's also been very affectionate, which I try to deflect, but most of the time I allow it because I'm just so tired of telling him to stop. I've just been eating my feelings and sleeping as much as possible and not really taking any action. (This next part may trigger some people, and I'm sorry. I truly have no one else to tell this to, and I could really use someone to talk to.) Yesterday I laid down to take a nap after work and he came to bed too. He was trying to initiate sex. I said no and continued to say no while he insisted until I gave in. I was so angry that he just couldn't respect that I was saying no. I had to leave to pick up my daughter from her dad's house literally as soon as it was over. I was fighting back tears the entire way because I didn't want my daughter to see me like that. As soon as I got back home, I told me STBXWH that I was filling out the paperwork and sending it in tomorrow (today). I told him I cannot live like this anymore and I told him that he does not respect me at all, he needs to find a place to live ASAP. So for me, that was the last straw. It pushed me to do what I've been hiding from doing, I guess. My STBXWH said that he felt it was a mistake to divorce, that it took 2 to bring us to this point and he feels like our marriage could be saved. Our marriage is destroyed because of what he did. It can never be restored. Today I am sending the paperwork to the attorney to file for dissolution. I cannot wait for him to leave.

6 comments posted: Friday, April 23rd, 2021

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