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I got a divorce

One year ago I came here in utter despair. I was about to take my life. I wanted to save my marriage, and I thought my ex was going to say sorry and try to save everything like other stories I read here. Describing the dynamics of the relationship though, the good people in this forum warned me that she was actually a terrible person, that she was a liar, and that I should not trust her. We sometimes do not get what we want, but what we need. What she did was unspeakable. She had no respect for me or my feelings, that there was not a relationship to save, that I deserved much better. Turns out she was really a psychopath (I do not say this lightly). I am 1 year NC, she never left the other person, never said sorry, never even tried to contact me. I lost everything I had in my life, but I have earned my dignity back. I just want to say thank you. The time I needed the most, that I was so confused, that I could not tell a sheep from a shark, you helped me see how wrong I had been about the whole situation. Thank you. 1 year NC, 8 months from the finalised divorce (that I paid for, signed, and took care of alone). Well, I am free.

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