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Thank you everyone for your wisdom and healing.

How was your weekend?

We had an easy visit with my aunt and her grandson. Our seventh grader really likes that 3 year old. That tot is very physical and brave. Seems like going to be an Olympic gymnast or skier or something. No fear whatsoever. We ate the cooked apples I made from the ones mom and I picked. Winesap and Arkansas black with some fresh Meyer lemon juice and spices. Saw my cousin from San Francisco.

I went to see Big Basins redwoods. It's been 2 years since the awful fire. I can't believe how many of the trees survived. They look like Italian cypress. Big tall black poles covered in New green growth. Big bushy growth around the base of the trees. Ranger said 3ven the ferns are coming back. I worried the ground got too hot and killed them all.

Work crews have been busy building new wood fences and trails. The campgrounds are going to be moved and improved and a new visitor center, parking and shuttle will help the trees out by being located farther out. The park got a big addition of some old growth forest that was previously privately owned.

I thought I'd feel very sad to see the burned forest but I was feeling good seeing how much the trees managed to survive and grow new foliage and small plants below making a return. Odd how much sunlight was there now. Im not used to that.

My cousin and I went to memorial park and pescadero creek park near half moon bay. Those redwoods aren't as old but the forest was spared of the fires. Walking in redwoods is like nothing else. The ground is soft and moist. Trees reach up into the sky and slender shafts of sunlight shine through and light up ferns and mossy rocks. I feel at peace always. I wish I could change into a protector spirit and stay and look after it. Hard to leave those woods for home.

Seeing those trees...the ones that lived..the ones that were horribly gives me hope for us humans. We can heal. We can live in peace.

I felt the Spirit of Thanksgiving strongly this year.

I hope you have some beauty too this holiday.

5 comments posted: Monday, November 28th, 2022

Places with sad memories

Do you avoid such places or do you go back again in attempt to have a better time there?

I usually avoid and maybe go back a long time later. Usually by then it's changed enough.

I went camping with sister to my favorite place. She was in bad mood the whole time. Being difficult. The last few days I spent out on trails alone. I only came back in evening to make dinner and sleep. Driving back we barely talked. Now she acts like everything's fine. I want to go back and have a good time there. Don't think I want to go camping again with her. She's better in a hotel truthfully. Too bad because otherwise we get along OK.

WS and I used to love camping. I think I just need another camping pal.

1 comment posted: Friday, April 29th, 2022

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