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BH-me / WW-(Pyrite) Left Thanksgiving 2019 w/ unresolved childhood trauma and other general selfishness issues that she refuses to honestly address, resolve,& heal from.--"For where your wealth/treasure is, there will your heart be also."--Yeshua

Happy Birthday DragnHeart !!!!!!!!!!

And Good Luck blowing out those candles with that firebreathing aspiration of yours, DragnHeart!

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SI Quote Thread Vol 15

Rideitout (RIO) posted this profound paradox referring to the fiction vs. reality of some peoples' "wanting to feel special" motives for adultery:

They'll blow their lives apart for sex with someone new, but that "someone new" is literally 1/2 the population of the world. <sigh>

If that wasn't true enough for the reader, it was preceded by this statement:

Of course it was about sex and of course he said whatever he thought would get you to take your underwear off the fastest, that's why people have affairs! If that wasn't on offer in an A, I can promise you, I don't know a single man who'd blow his life apart to hear a woman say "wow, RIO, your such a great guy, your wife is lucky".

I know what you meant there, RIO but I have to admit that your argument here in it's literal form is truly incontestable!

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