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Virtual G2G

Hey everyone! I don't think I've ever made it to a g2g yet, but was thinking about it and a virtual G2G sounds easily doable now that so many folks have zoom or other videoconferencing capabilities on their phones.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that orchestrating such an event is beyond my meager capabilities. I'm probably better suited for possible attendee status haha.

But I thought I'd throw the idea out there just in case its something someone else could take and run with.

Here's hoping!

22 comments posted: Sunday, April 10th, 2022


I haven't posted olin a while... probably a long while.

I'm coming back today to ask for prayers and mojo. My wife passed this morning.

I don't really have the words to know what to ask for, but if you can spare some prayers and mojo this way, I think I'm gonna need it.

95 comments posted: Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022


I mean, I knew the dude was famous here, but I really had no idea that he had fans enough to name their book after him in tribute.

Dude, I didn't know you knew Amarosa, what's that like???

And a book named after your fictional user name? That's power right there. It's like your text messages and your facebook messenger app got together and had a baby and that baby was copyrighted and sold into slavery to be exploited for media coverage across the US of A.

That's big bro! The best I've ever gotten is one of my farts corroded some old paint in a dive bar and was named at the bar as the Destroyer" after every one came back in. There's a picture on the wall of the damage but mostly cause the owner's wife has throwing up at the time. (She says its related, I think she just had too much to drink.)

I'm so jealous right now!! Since you know her, can you have her name her next book or child or pet after me? I'll owe you one! It doesn't even hafta be obvious. She could call it 'the stench' or something.

Please please please?!?!?!?!?!

15 comments posted: Sunday, August 26th, 2018

Graphic Warning - Poop Scoop Riot

So... when I read this article and saw the video, I laughed. A lot.

But then a multiple of emotions went through me that I thought I would share with you all. Why? Because I imagine it'll be funny to you see where where my mind goes.

The first thing I thought of when I was the video and got done laughing was 'I'm proud of her!' I mean, I have jokingly recommended that folks poop on the floor as an expression of their feelings multiple times. Even debated the purity of the level of communication that this involves. Well, I don't think anyone here can doubt the depth of her anger.

Then I felt shame and doubt. What if my joke had actually caused this woman to act this way? I mean I just recommended the floor pooping and not the poop flinging. definitely did not recommend the public wiping. There could have been innocent people involved in receiving a piece of flying feces. Could I be partially responsible?

Then I thought about the context. The context I recommend floor pooping usual it is either a private setting in a home environment or one in which two lawyers are present like mediation. This context, I believe if critical to the impact, and the floor pooping is intended to be an expression of emotion towards someone that warrants that emotion. Not that I haven't been angry at a fast food worker before, but the depth of the anger wasn't necessarily the same. This was like bringing a missile to a fist fight.

I also considered that she went above and beyond floor pooping to poop slinging but didn't have any apparent range or aim. If I had recommended poop flinging, I would have also included recommendation to ensure you hit your intended target. After all, once you begin flinging shit, anything could happen. And if the worse happens, you don't want the guilt of missing your target and still getting the full wrath response hanging over your head. I don't know how one would necessarily practice, per say, unless you could predict the consistency of the bowel movement, but I would think that dog poop may be a place to start. IDK.

Now, I know I have recommended jokingly floor pooping, but I never expected anyone to actually do it. Or if they did do it, I expected them to do it in a specific environment directed to a specific person and stop there. I also expected that there be no kids present at the time of the floor pooping. Maybe I should have made that clearer? I guess it's poop for thought.

Still, I'm kinda proud of lady in a (very) small way.

What are your thoughts?

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7 comments posted: Sunday, June 10th, 2018

Stacked threads!

In reconciliation:


Am I the only one smelling this?


7 comments posted: Friday, October 13th, 2017

Ahhhh!!! Is it Stupid Pictures Friday yet?????

Is it???

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12 comments posted: Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

N fl. G2G

Anyone game?

7 comments posted: Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

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