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Me: BS 49 Him: WH 52 ( lane444) married 26 years. 16 kids from 28-2 years old OW #1 my friend, 1st year of marriage dday 3/17 OW #2 his ex gf in 1993, he claims ONS Dday 10/17 OW #3 my BFF NC broken 2x ( after 17 years of false R) DIVORCIED

Olive Kitteredge

I saw this as a movie first on HBO. It interested me because it seemed that Olive's husband was going to have an affair with the young girl who worked in his pharmacy, but then he didn't actually end up doing anything. Olive seemed kind of hard hearted. I saw myself in her. At one point her husband brought her flowers, and instead of gushing about it, she tells him that she is busy and just pushed the flowers away since she is in the middle of gardening and her hands are dirty. Her husband looks hurt.

Anyway….the main point! I got the book and there is a chapter that is so intriguing! The whole book is about how the people in the town relate to Olive. They sort of swirl around her, like acquaintances. This one lady has a husband who cheats on her, apparently repeatedly. She thinks it is over, and that they have reconciled. She sees a friend on the street and wants to talk to her. Her husband doesn't want to talk to them. He urges her to just keep going BECAUSE they saw him in the OW's hometown, and he is worried he will get caught. He does get caught, and his wife is devastated again. But she feels too old to end it.

Will this be my fate? I will reconcile and then find out that he still seeks her? Desires her? I will find out at my 40th anniversary party that he still kept things going with her? It could happen.

It's a really good book. The way they describe the husbands nervousness before the reader realizes what is happening. The way they describe the things that make the wife feel loved, like her WH going with her to pick out a new winter coat. She thought he loved her, and then found out he had been sneaking to see the OW….again. It is so real!

If anyone else has read it, or does read it. I would love to discuss.

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