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Me - 65 I often have to remind myself of my age! Husband - 65 DD1 April 5 2013 (a lie)DD2 April 23 2013DD3 June 22 20133 children 5 grandchildren

Divorce vs Separation

Hi everyone, 10 years ago this month I Found Out!!!! Where do I start … first I’d like to say it was a painful discovery and it took me way too long to do something about it. Time certainly heals, but I took way too much precious time. At 65 now, living alone in a small apartment, and truly wondering how I will survive financially, emotionally …. I’m still guessing reason I stayed with him so long was I felt secure in every which way. More than anything else.

Anyway, my question to you guys is at my age what would be the benefit of a divorce? Would a separation agreement be sufficient. An agreement which would be legally drafted? It sort of intimidates me to see a lawyer and discuss a divorce …

4 comments posted: Tuesday, April 11th, 2023

Rescuephone - Apple 5 S

Planning on purchasing Rescuephone to verify husband's deleted messages etc. anyone use this software? Is it use friendly and will I be able to delete the app once I'm done with it. Meaning I want no trace of what I did.

6 comments posted: Monday, March 30th, 2015

Hotmail account password

WH had a hotmail account and his password automatically logged in. His laptop fell on the floor and crashed. He does not remember his password and I never did have it.

So I tried several password with no success. So, Outlook de activated his account.

I have the email address, how does one go about re activating an email account without the password. Is it possible? Can someone help me.

3 comments posted: Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

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