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Happy New Year! Open Bar and Free Beer!

We haven't had an open bar night in F&G for while, but in the past we had some epic virtual New Year's. I remember at least one or two where we had fundraisers for SI, donating to sponsor for others upgrades or the privilege of changing someone's tag lines. I'd just like to raise a toast to many of the good people I've met on this site, both virtually and in person, and to those that I don't know but have a common bond with.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year, and that this time next year, it's better.


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Tequila Thread! Must Read!

Made you look laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh

Fun and games grin

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Virtual St. Patty's Day G2G

The Ghost of Woodlands Past visited me last night. It showed me that my spirit would be in a hotel north of Houston, drinking with friends, laughing until our cheek muscles hurt while my body was in drinking watching NCAA basketball at home. And I was saddened. Because Miami got upset by Loyola-Chicago (really, who the fuck are they?) and I knew that the GoWP was right. My spirit wants to be in the Woodlands, even though my body is in Virginia.

So lets do a virtual St. Patty's day G2G. Patron shots Saturday night at 7pm CST (that's about when they went down...ish). Feel free to chat, if you've been to the Woodlands G2G, chime in with "at this time 3 years ago we were in a hot tub at 3am drinking Tito's". Doesn't have to be true, just heard that one from a friend. I'll start.

My first G2G, exactly 4 years ago today, I met MOS. We were in the hotel lobby and he walked in and asked if we were the SI crowd or something like that. I assumed he was the bus driver for the party bus and said we were ready to go. My bad there. We still joke about that today. Just cracks me up. I met so many fantastic people on that trip, that it was a must on calendar ever since. It was a significant milestone in my surviving. Meeting and talking to the people who really, really, understood what SI was about is a significant milestone. I could fill pages of a thread with tales from these G2G's. And that would be just JJ stories.

Let's hear your GoWP stories. And Patron shots Saturday night at 7 Houston time.

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Si Nye fundraiser! See serJr in a dress!

Hey everyone!

Let's kick start 2017 for SI with a fund raiser to give back and show our love and appreciation for the wonderful people who run this site! Most of you know that SI is a 501(c)3 non-profit, so keep that in mind if you need a end of the year tax break

Here's the deal. Monsieur SerJr has agreed to put on his finest...dress...for a reasonable fee. If we can raise $1000, we get the dress shot. $2000, he'll wear the CFM heels. I'll start with a pledge for $300. Who's with me?

Oh, by the way, we should let SerJr know about this...

275 comments posted: Saturday, December 31st, 2016

Google Voice Recordings

From Gizmodo:

Here’s a fun fact: Every time you do a voice search, Google records it. And if you’re an Android user, every time you say “Ok Google,” the company records that, too. Don’t freak out, though, because Google lets you hear (and delete) these recordings. Here’s how.

Instructions on how to listen to and delete recordings are in the entire article:

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Looks like a rush!

Never heard of SkyDive Dubai, but this is a pretty awesome of base jumpers on the Princess tower in Dubai. MoS, you with me mate?

19 comments posted: Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

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