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You don't have to like your boundaries. You just have to set and enforce them.

iphone gains and losses

I got new hearing aids a few months ago. They pretty much need to be controlled by a phone app, and my phone (Samsung S20 version) isn't listed by the HA vendor as compatible. Whatever, the app was slow and unreliable. People said get an iphone.

HA control on apple is much better than on the Samsung, but not great.

Here's what I lost:

1) Not only does the iphone NOT play flac (a lossless codec) files, apple won't convert from flac to alac (apple's lossles codec)

2) In fact, itunes (apparently necessary) deleted several GB of flac files - almost all my Beethoven, for example, all my Buddy Holly/Little Richard/Everly Bros/Valens/Orbison, almost all my blues and early country (Carter family, ect.) and Indian classical music - all essential road trip music. (well...essential to some people.)

3) The Android-IOS converter told me the conversion was totally successful. No error messages were generated, even though the app ignored my flac files.

4) My old phone and PC backups are at home, and I'm on a - you guessed it - road trip. I'm 99% certain I can get my music back, probably relatively easily, but I've always thought the iphone was a toy for most people, sort of like bread and circuses for the ancient Romans.

I wonder what else they've missed....

2 comments posted: Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023

Questions for SiriusXM customers

Questions for SiriusXM customers:

I just came back from a road trip, and a motel gave me a 3 month trial. We started listening to the '50s station.

1) The sound was lousy. The sound on the '60s channel was worse. On some songs we could hear the lyrics; on others all we could distinguish were the instruments. Lots of bass, but not much midrange. Is that your experience?

2) Over 2 days on the road, we heard a number of songs that were hits, but not by the original artists. Is that common? Do they play the original hits more often than covers?

3) They played a lot of relatively unknown songs by some top artists, songs that are unknown for good reasons. Again, do they play hits? They did pretty well with Chuck berry, but their selection from, say, Buddy Holly and Little Richard were truly some of their worst stuff.


4 comments posted: Thursday, September 28th, 2023

Best wishes for a safe and happy Independence Day!

** Not Posting as Staff **

I'm a Rhode Islander. We declared independence on May 4, 1776, but even so, I hope to enjoy fireworks tonight and a parade tomorrow. After all, Rhode Islanders made significant contributions to the Revolution, even though our history is not as clean as I would wish.

A year ago July 4, I was heading to Highland Park, IL on my bike when some so-and-so rode in front of me, cut me off, and then hung a U-turn despite my 'ON YOUR LEFT!'. He ran his bike into mine. We both went down. I was bloody but not badly injured. I thought about killing the other rider.

A few people saw the 'accident' and offered help. One asked where I was headed, and he told me about the killings at the HP parade. He offered to drive me and my bike home. I rode home, though.I contrasted my accident with the trauma experienced by the attendees at the HP parade, and I didn't come out of the comparison feeling very good. I felt compassion for the parade attendees and the dead an wounded and even for the shooter. Compassion seemed so much more appropriate than anger.

I hope we all have a wonderful 4th of July, enjoying each other and celebrating the Declaration of Independence.

* My shame at wanting to kill the guy is minimal; it has made me more tolerant of other riders. And I now have it engraved inside my skull that a rider who does one unsafe thing is likely to keep doing unsafe things, so I get away from them very carefully.

1 comment posted: Monday, July 3rd, 2023

Query about EZ-Pass transponders

I've always placed my EZ-Pass transponder so that I maintain as much visibility as possible, and I've always thought that meant attaching it vertically. I've always had problems getting through the execrable Indiana Toll Road tollgates, and sometimes the Ohio and NJ Turnpikes haven't read my transponder, though usually those roads do read my unit.

Recently I asked the Illinois Tollway how to solve these problems. Frustrated by their useless response, I changed the transponder to a horizontal orientation, and all the tollgates read the signals.

Does anyone here have the expertise to explain the difference? It's almost as if the radio signal from the transponder is polarized....

Thanks in advance.

The transponder is a year old BTW, so the battery should be about as good as it can be. Also, it's in a Prius, and the transponder is close to the middle of the windshield, next to the Prius's radar, I think. I relocated the thing in part because I thought interference could cause a problem, but the new location of the center of the transponder is only 1"-2" awat from where it was.

8 comments posted: Wednesday, June 28th, 2023

12 years ago

I joined SI 12 years ago today.

I am so grateful to SI, to my fellow members, and to current and former staff. MH, DS, AuthenticNow, WH5, Bigger, SerJR, Floridaredman, jrazz, WOEz, Edie, painpaingoaway, tushnurse, HUFI-PUFI, MOO, lordhasaplan?, and so many others have helped me through the horror of my W's A. So many members touched and moved me. I've forgotten the names of more members who have moved me than I remember.

Thanks, from the bottom of my heart to the top.


I sometimes wonder why I'm still here. It seems obvious I have something more to work out.

I also have an agenda: I want every BS to consider many options and to pick the one that seems best for them. I want every BS to avoid picking the option they think they should pick, based on some parent voice in their head, unless it's the choice they want to pick.

And, of course, I'm on a crusade against over-generalizations. smile


Happy February 18th, everyone!

25 comments posted: Sunday, February 19th, 2023

Wifi connection help request

I usually sit with my laptop about 8' away from a wi-fi 6/AX router used as a wireless access point, connected via Gb Ethernet to a router which is connected to a cable modem. The wifi signal is always quite strong where I sit. Encryption is WPA2/3 personal.

It usually takes 10-60 seconds for my wifi 5/AC NIC to connect to the 'net. Is anyone here able to offer suggestions to connect quicker?

Can anyone offer search arguments that may help? I can't think of a way to search without using some form of connect, and that just gets me scads and scads of 'slow connection' hits. Even 'slow handshake' searches get 'slow wifi' hits.

Yeah. I know. This is a sign of over-entitlement.

6 comments posted: Tuesday, December 13th, 2022

Unexpected i-pass/EZ-pass problem

This is about transponders that are used to pay tolls on toll roads. They're common in the NE quadrant of the US, but maybe not in other parts.

We've been on a road trip with lots of tolls - Indiana, Ohio, NY, Massachusetts. Our transponder has always had problems being read by Indiana's 'technology', but this trip we experienced problems in Ohio, too.

I called for help in Indiana, and the rep asked me for the transponder's number, presumably so they could charge the account. When I looked, I also saw that it had an 'expiration' date of 1/21! No wonder it wasn't getting read; batteries don't last forever.

NY and MA had little problem - they photoed our license plate, went to Illinois's database, picked up the transponder number and hit our I-pass account. Indiana hasn't hit the account yet - they have very few people at toll gates, and I think they let us through to prevent the backup at the gates from getting even bigger than it was. Ohio took the problem in stride, although it cost a few minutes.

Why Indiana and Ohio don't have open road tolling is **politics**. Indiana sold the Indiana Toll Road, so that really is fucked up. I really dislike the ITR. I hate the Chicago Skyway, but I avoid that at the cost of, usually, 7 minutes or so. Avoiding the ITR would cost a couple of hours, not ideal when traveling 800-1000 miles. )I drive partly because of cost and partly because I hate flying more than the ITR. smile )

Illinois actually notified me that the transponder may have expired - on 10/10/22, 3 days into the trip, when I was 1000 miles away from a replacement. They've had all the data about the device since they gave it to me. Gee, I'd set the system up to generate an expired notice on schedule....

Anyway, if you use a transponder and have trouble, check the expiration date.

13 comments posted: Friday, October 14th, 2022

Windows 11?

Anybody using it? Thoughts and feelings?

I tried it and went back to 10. I've had my taskbar on the left since Windows 7, and I do not like it on the bottom. I like the tb on the left because I think that displays more of most web pages. Am I kidding myself about that?

Also, I never combine taskbar icons, and I couldn't find a setting to keep icons un-combined in Win 11? Did I miss it?

Thanks in advance.

I don't play games, and I don't use 'social media' or use my phone via my PC. I have Office 2013, but I've been using LibreOffice. I use Quicken 2011, and it worked on Win 11. I really don't need the crap that MS added to 11, but I like to stay current for security and reliability.

5 comments posted: Wednesday, September 28th, 2022

A lot of years - 57, 55, almost 12

I fell for my W 57 years ago last week, we got married 55 years ago last week, W cheated almost 12 years ago. She committed to R, and we set out on our path to R on d-day, but I didn't commit to R until 90 days later.

We were at a wedding last week, and I mentioned to someone that the wedding was 4 or 5 days before our anniversary. I was asked, 'How long?' A lot of people were floored by the number 55. For me, it just seems normal ... if you get married, stay married, and live long enough, you'll get to big numbers. When I was in love with W2b, desperate with desire for her, I thought 40 years would be enough. When we hit 40 years together, I realized it wasn't. If I outlive my W, I think I'll be satisfied and very grateful with all these years past 40 together. But I want more - not so much from her, but with her.

Her A fits in somewhere. Because I'm on SI, I'm always aware of the A. If I weren't on SI, I think I'd forget about it most days. When I do think about it, the pain is only residual ... the body never forgets. It's no longer the worst pain I ever experienced - not because I've experienced greater pain since the A but because time has put it in perspective. I had an almost fatal illness about 57 years ago, and that seems worse than the A now. Come to think of it, we're in the middle of A season right now. That was a big deal for the first few years after d-day. Now it's not even a blip on our path.

Was it worth it? Hell, yes. Our health has held up pretty well, and that's a big, big help. We can still travel, we can still **TMI**, although that has changed a lot - some ways better, some worse, but mainly worse, IMO. smile Waking up together is always a pleasure for me.

It's been worth the effort for 2 reasons. First, we both wanted to R. We didn't try to control our outcome much, but we both went for what we wanted. Second, we both did our work. I faced my pain and worked to let it go. I worked through my resistances to doing that. My W worked effectively to build her boundaries and to stop generating self-talk that allowed her to cheat. For her, that was and continues to be mainly replacing self-hate messages with self-nurturing ones.

(The corollary is that R is not a good choice if one or both partners don't want R or if one or both partners won't do the necessary work. If you want D, not so BTW, my advice is to accept that and go for D. The goal should be, IMO, to live a good life after being betrayed, to survive and thrive.)

So ... we're old now. We're tired. We don't have the energy we had even 10 years ago. But life is still worth living. We're not done yet - I hope to write 58/56/almost 13 next year at this time. smile

6 comments posted: Sunday, September 18th, 2022

August 9? Oh, yeah....

My fWW's first sex with ow was either August 8/9 or 9/10 in 2010. I'm pretty sure. I can look it up, but I'm not really sure where the file is, and I've spent too much time over the past week looking for files for other matters.

My point isn't that life is hunky dory in R; nor is it that you should R. You really need to want to R and have a WS who will do the necessary work to do that.

Rather, my point is that there is a life after being betrayed, and that life can be very good. We are together, and we both give and get a lot of support to and from each other. My W continues to battle her demons, and she's winning ... but it's too true that age is not for sissies - more demons keep springing up. She earned my trust and forgiveness years ago.

I think I've done a lot of work on releasing the anger, grief, fear, and shame that came with being betrayed. I think that healed me, and I recommend it to all BSes.

Deciding what I wanted from our relationship, asking for it, and negotiating with my W was also part of my healing. I have a way to go with that, but my reco is to look at the folks here who are happy they R'ed - I think you'll notice we all stood up for ourselves, even if it meant conflict. It's best to pick one's battles, but conflict is an integral part of R, as it is of life.

The A-related stuff just isn't moving me much today beyond posting that life goes on, and I'm really happy about it.

What's really cool about 8/9 this year is that I went for a sometimes vigorous bike ride with my son and GS. I have no words to describe what I feel about that. Our GS had told us he was excited about seeing us (a twice a year event). It's been pretty low key, so I asked him if the visit is what he wants and/or expected. He said he didn't have anything in mind (other than the Cubs vs the Nats and the Sox vs the Tigers, for both of which we have tickets), and he just enjoyed seeing us. He's almost 13, so I suspect that's a compliment. smile

10 comments posted: Tuesday, August 9th, 2022

Sports on TV Commentary

This has been bugging me for years, and I finally thought of checking to find out if it's me or the producers, I guess.

It has become standard to have crowd noise along with the commentary. For me, the crowd noise crowds out the commentary. I definitely have hearing problems and I wear hearing aids, but do others have trouble hearing the announcers? If you do have a problem, is it the crowd noise that interferes?

Thanks in advance.

2 comments posted: Thursday, July 14th, 2022

A-fib? Not A-fib?

My cardio diagnosed me with a-fib. I use a heart rate monitor when I'm on my (non-motorized) bike, and I've been noticing some very fast jumps in HR at the start of my rides, like for 100 to 170 in a few moments; this is during the first mile, so I'm still warming up. The jumps are scary but that's the only symptom; nevertheless, I keep my workload limited during my rides, and I don't see any other quick jumps during the rest of the ride. (I do see increases in HR that correspond to rises in the road or riding into headwinds.

I asked about the jumps, and I was told it wasn't a-fib. Instead, it's because my pacemaker senses the increase in effort and speeds up my heart so I don't keel over from lack of oxygen. The high HRs will resolve normally, and I don't need to limit my efforts during workouts.

I cannot describe how happy that made me.

Yesterday was my hardest ride in a couple of years. I did not experience the jump at the start. Has the pacer 'learned'? Was the explanation accurate?

Does anyone here have the knowledge necessary to confirm or refute the explanation of my HR jump? (Obviously, you can't speak to my specific pacer, so I'm asking generally.)


I've had problems with BP and energy ever since the pacemaker was inserted. Until 6 weeks ago, I had to choose between having energy and bad BP readings (160/100) or having no energy to speak of and almost OK BP readings (140/90).

2 months ago I remembered I had taken a beta blocker years ago without negative effects. (Eventually it stopped controlling my BP.) I asked to be switched to it, and the effects were immediate: big drop in BP, big boost in energy. Now my readings are high only after I've been working on condo stuff - the board here has been negligent and arrogant in spades.

It's not that I'm riding much faster. Instead, it's that my rest stops are much shorter this year than last. But I'll take what I can get. smile

In any case, one beta blocker works well for me; one doesn't. Same class of drug, same predicted results, very different actual results. From now on, if I'm unhappy with a drug, I'll fight to change it, and I recommend the same to you.

'Evidence-based' anything takes one only so far. It's a decent start, but it's not the end.


3 comments posted: Saturday, June 4th, 2022

Bike helmet question - really single use?; bugs, beta-blockers

I've sustained 3 minor crashes over the last 2 years. I think I hit my head on the road or ground all 2 times, but at low speeds.

The back of my helmet has some scratches from contact with the road. There is no indication of compression of the foam. Is it really a single use item?

Helmet makers stress that a helmet needs to be replaced after any crash in which one head hits the ground. OK ... I replaced it.

What do I do with the old one? do I save it in case my son needs a helmet when he's visiting? Do I put it in the trash and risk someone picking it up and getting hurt? Do I destroy it and put the pieces into the trash? Give it to a co-op?

I keep thinking it would be great for it really to be safe and to be recycled by someone who can't afford to buy a helmet. It would be awful if the recycler was hurt in a crash because the helmet really is single-use.

Thinking out loud here ... I'm leaning pretty strongly to destroying it. The injury risk of recycling a helmet that crashed is too high.

Any counter-arguments?

It's a Bontrager Rally MIPS, BTW. It scores very well in VPI's helmet testing.

Beta blockers

Last Saturday I had a terrible ride in beautiful weather. I turned around at 4 miles because I was feeling so lousy and cut over a mile from my route to get myself home, and I was unable to move much for hours after I did struggle home.

Monday I talked my doc in to changing a med from Toprol to atenolol, both beta blockers, both slow down heart rate, both can sap energy. I've hated the Toprol for as long as I've taken it (18 months or so) because I have no appreciable energy on it.

Today I rode 14 miles in the same time it took me to do 7 Saturday. I didn't need to stop and rest. I came home, sat and told plainsong about my ride, changed out of bike clothes and into normal stuff, and proceeded to do what I wanted to do. 'Recovery' took no more than 45 minutes - would have taken less if I had had to get somewhere. I'm hoping atenolol will govern my BP better than Toprol did AND let me have more energy.


Fucking bugs - literally. Today I kept riding into clouds of bugs. A lot of them stuck to my jacket. I brushed a lot of those off, but I looked at them at a red light. (I stop at red lights. It really screws up drivers, because they expect me to contest the intersection with them. But I'm a grown-up, and I learned not to get into contests with cars - oh - at least 2 years ago.)

Anyway, lots of the 'bugs' were really 2 bugs attached to each other at their rear ends. I never had a picture in my head of copulating bugs. Now I do. You really can learn something every day. smile

I did not like riding through the clouds of bugs, but I feel so great knowing that atenolol may be MUCH MUCH MUCH better than Toprol.

8 comments posted: Saturday, April 30th, 2022


I have a perpetual license for Office Pro 2013, but it's not certified for Windows 11. It was great for the laptop I bought in 2014. I have a new laptop, and as soon as they allow the task bar to be on the left or right of the screen or shortly before they end the free upgrade, I'll go to Win 11.

LibreOffice is an open source - free - replacement for MS Office. I've used the word processor and spreadsheet a lot and the presentation piece for one short presentation. I haven't done anything complex, but some of the docs I've saved or read are pretty sophisticated, and they've been rendered correctly, as far as I can see.

IOW, screw MS Office and Office 365. I have no need to rent the software; screw MS, even though they've given me and other window users a free OS (unless you're building your own PC) and a couple of free browsers that have to be used for some websites.

OTOH, if you need sophisticated features that work well in MS Office, this might not work for you.

Has anyone here had to dump LibreOffice or its successors because of things that it can't do but MS Office can?

I tried Open Office in 2014, and it just wasn't compatible enough with MS Office docs then. I haven't had a single problem with LibreOffice in 5 months of use.

Or am I again behind the times for not using Google Docs? I would use that, except that I think Google as at least as intrusive and grasping as MS....

5 comments posted: Saturday, April 2nd, 2022

Amazon subscriptions

I initially thought that Amazon derived a subscription price from the current price less the subscription discount. They don't do that if the price went down. I was on a subscription that saved me 11 pennies; they claimed they saved me $1.50, which they did from the price when I originally subscribed.

I cancelled and re-upped. That did save me $1.50 for a few minutes of work. It remains to be seen if that's a good return on my time investment. If it turns out to be $1.50/month, it's a great return. If it's a one-time $1.50, not so much. smile

If you buy something from 'zon - or anyone else, come to think of it - on subscription, it may pay to check the current price every so often.

4 comments posted: Tuesday, December 28th, 2021

Laptop - Ideapad vs ThinkPad

I used to be an IT pro. I've had terrible experiences getting support from Dell and HP for clients, and I've had bad experiences myself with a Toshiba and Compaq laptops, so I've owned ThinkPads for the last 15 years. I've had my current laptop, a T440S, since 2014, and I'm seeing some screen problems. (8GB RAM and an SSD make it still fast enough for me.)

The trouble is that the ThinkPads cost more than I want to spend. Also, my T440S has a 14" screen, and I'm interested in a larger screen, since I almost never travel with it.

Does anyone here have an Ideapad? How does it hold up to fairly constant use?

Does anyone here have experience with both a ThinkPad and an Ideapad? Any thoughts on how they compare, especially in terms of durability?


8 comments posted: Monday, October 18th, 2021

drafting problem


quote] Genetically speaking we are surprisingly close to a fruit fly. This shows that small differences make for huge changes.

Not just our blue-prints but also our operating systems are encoded in our genes.

How do you presume to think you know what human behavior comes from nature and what part comes from nurture?

This was supposed to be in a quote box: Genetically speaking we are surprisingly close to a fruit fly. This shows that small differences make for huge changes.

Not just our blue-prints but also our operating systems are encoded in our genes.

When I typed it, it looked right, but when I submitted it,it was published without the quote.

1 comment posted: Tuesday, August 11th, 2020

I could use a spy camera

Not infidelity-related, but I seek some investigative help. I'm being harassed at my condo. Someone dumps trash on the hood of my car every so often. I'd like to find out who it is.

I'm looking for a small video camera with long battery-charge life, motion-sensing, decent image.

The difficulty I'm finding is that the cameras I see on amazon are good for a couple of hours. I need 24 hours, and I have no idea how much power that requires, so I don't know how big an external battery I would need.

Any suggestions? Has anyone used any spy camera? Do you have an reco about ones that work well and ones that don't?


2 comments posted: Friday, July 31st, 2020

Mini-G2G, Chicago North shore, October 26

Interested? If so, please post your definite yes or maybe yes. Starting at maybe 5 PM, but flexible.

Pizza at our place. Salad, too, but there's already vegies in the tomato sauce. Also something to drink. Maybe dessert. Eating utensils will be available. No tablecloths.

Low key. Food and conversation.

BSes - WSes - friends of BSes & WSes - all welcome.

If you have food allergies, PM plainsong. She can't eat pizza, so accommodating another person with food allergies should be pretty easy.

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19 comments posted: Thursday, September 12th, 2019

Chicago Area g2g possible

Neither my W nor I are up for planning a weekend g2g, but we are up for hosting on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday afternoon and/or evening in late October or early November.

November 2 has been suggested, since NU is playing football away that day, and we're in the free parking area for NU games.

I guess another alternative is after an NU game.

If there's enough interest, we'll do it. If someone else wants to do an evening, that's great - just let me know.

If you are interested, let us all know if you prefer a one day or a weekend, and what date(s) are best for you.

A little background:

All SI members and their guests are welcome. An SI member is welcome even without a guest. G2Gs are not for kids, though a very young baby may work.

Conversation has always been wide-ranging at the g2gs I've attended. I assume it will be wide-ranging this time, too.

No one will be forced to talk. (You can get plainsong to talk by mentioning books you've read. )

You can come even if you're scared. Really, it's nice to be with people you know are impacted by infidelity.

I'm sure I've forgotten something.

11 comments posted: Wednesday, August 7th, 2019

It happened, and I saw it!

Out for a bike ride with my local club this morning. Stopped at a sweet shop, I guess - pastries, coffee, gelato - before lunch, but some of my fellow riders indulged in some of the offerings.

We sat around talking for longer than expected while the sweets were being consumed and decided to eat lunch at a restaurant close to the sweet shop.

Some folks actually ate dessert first! I feel so honored to have witnessed it!

(I did not indulge. I just had some coffee, which was enough.)

5 comments posted: Friday, June 28th, 2019

A good movie, Free movies via your public library

Good movie - Mad Hot Ballroom, a documentary on middle school kids in NYC preparing for ballroom dancing competitions. Man, I finally learned the dance frame for Rumba through this movie! Everybody needs to know how to do that!

We viewed this through a web service called 'Kanopy' - lots of good movies there. It's free via our local library and well worthwhile.

I urge you all to ask your local library if they offer the service. If they do, all you need to sign on is a library card.

'Hoopla Digital' is in some ways a similar service, though the selection of movies doesn't look that great. OTOH, the also loan out ebooks and music.

Also free to library users around here, and maybe free to you, wherever you are.

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2 comments posted: Sunday, May 19th, 2019

Sharing a great run of good fiction

I've been really lucky lately in the books I've picked up at the library, and I want to share some of the titles.

Corelli's Mandolin - Louis De Bernieres

The Good Earth - Pearl Buck

Sons - Pearl Buck

House Divided - Pearl Buck (These 3 form a trilogy)

All Men Are Brothers - Pearl Buck

Six Four - Hideo Yokoyama

Ghost Bride - Yangsze Choo

Night Tiger - Yangsze Choo

Concubinage is a small-ish part of The Good Earth trilogy, so it may be triggering for LTA survivors. Illicit sex, but not adultery IIRC, is in Night Tiger.

I'm also reading Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury, so I deserve a break.

5 comments posted: Friday, April 12th, 2019

Up yours, A B C!

So I'm watching the Michigan-MD game, and ABC is showing an ad with some of the great marching bands of the so-called Big Ten.

But the so-and-sos don't show the great marching bands. Why advertise something that is unavailable?

Up yours, NU, too! (That's Northwestern U.)

Stop putting on fake, dangerous noise crap at your home games and let your great band play!

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6 comments posted: Saturday, October 6th, 2018


There was a time that the Cubs won the pennant every 3 years, but that stopped long ago.

Raise a glass to the Chicago Cubs.

(signed) sisoon, who bleeds Dodger blue and is happy for the Cubs

10 comments posted: Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

Chicago area g2g in the Fall?

In June, '15, I said there's be a Chicago area g2g in late June of this year. Alas, life intervened.

But plainsong and I are again interested in helping to set something up, maybe late October or early November, if folks are interested.

Who's in, probable, maybe?

10 comments posted: Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

Double Standards

5 year old grand son is visiting us. I've played chess, blackjack, Sorry, war, and a few other games with him.

He has to win. He changes the rules so he wins. He reframes what constitutes winning in his favor. He slips in 2 moves before I can move once.

My son, his father, is forever talking to him about playing by the rules and sportsmanship. He my son) has ended games between GS & me when GS's cheating has crossed some boundary of his.

I think GS's cheating and reframing is adorable. He cracks me up.

But, boy, I used to get pissed off when my son did it when he was 5....

7 comments posted: Friday, January 2nd, 2015

Seeking input from swing dancers...

Just back from a road trip. Naturally, I played a lot of Little Richard music, not to mention ... oh, I shouldn't mention....

That stuff is fast! Do you actually dance to Long, Tall Sally or Rip It Up, etc.??? Can you stay on the beat????

I'd get lost at the 2nd beat....

9 comments posted: Monday, December 1st, 2014

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