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Deeply Scared

"Don't give up, the beginning is always the hardest." My Mom:) My tolerance for stupid shit is getting less and less.

Elf Christmas Party - Sorting Duty!!! Don't Be Shy! - pics start on page 2

So the official date is: December 3rd.

Location: Top Secret! North Pole Area

Time: 4:00PM

Dinner, drinks and desert will be provided for all the hard working Elves!!

Please sign up here or PM me so we know a head count

Thank you all so much...MH and I always appreciate your help!!!

Elves - YAY!!!!!:








Lies hurt




May List:


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Elf Christmas Party - Sorting Duty- pk

duplicate post

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SI Prayers/Mojo Request...Cancer

My doctor called on April 1st to let me know that the biopsy I had done 3 days prior is cancer. I went in for several scans and various blood tests and my current condition is at a stage 3 due to it being in my lymph nodes. I start radiation and chemo this week... radiation will be 5 days a week for 5 weeks and chemo will be 1 day a week for 5 weeks.

I never miss my annual wellness visit and mine was as recently as this past December. My pelvic exam was completely normal. In January I found a lump while showering, I waited a couple weeks to see if it would go away and when it didn’t I went to my GYN. At that time he thought it was possibly an ingrown hair or maybe a cyst and put me on an antibiotic. When it didn’t go away but continued to get bigger, that’s when we went ahead with a biopsy.

I have to question just what the hell we women even bother going to yearly pelvic exams when nothing showed up just 4 months ago.

We have been trying to wrap our minds around all of this. I go from feeling extremely sad to having a huge amount of hope and feeling like I can conquer it. Which I hope I can. In my favor is the fact that I’m extremely healthy outside of this. No medications or heart disease or high blood pressure, etc.

I’m thankful for an incredibly gifted oncologist and living in a city that most people come from all over the world to be treated for cancer. We also have an amazing healthcare plan, which of course is a huge relief to us on the financial side of things.

I’ve been surrounded by friends and family for the last two weeks... offering love and support and encouraging words and stories of cancer survivors. My bosses and co-workers have been a huge support system...not to mention MH of course. I’m so lucky!!

As my best friend has been saying “DS…we’re gonna AK47 that shit right out of you!”

MH and I would really appreciate any prayers and good wishes from you all. This is a very scary time for us.

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5th Annual St. Patrick's Day G2G/The Woodlands, TX - Pics start on page 9

So, we're throwing this out there now to see what the interest would be.

Since St. Patrick's Day falls during the middle of the week...we thought hosting the G2G the weekend before would be good.

March 11th - 13th

Friday night: Meet and Greet here at our house. Dinner, drinks, and all sorts of goodies will be provided. You just have to show up

Saturday - Option 1: Pick up at the hotel at 10:00am

The Houston Rodeo - $10.00 General Admission includes entrance into: the carnival, livestock area, fried food paradise , horseshow/roping events. Or $25.00 which includes entrance into all of the above plus entrance and eating in the Champion BBQ Cook Off area. (please note the entrance $ does not include actually eating/drinking/going on the carnival rides, except for the $25.00 admission does get you food in the BBQ Cook Off area)

Saturday night - pick up at the hotel 5:00pm The Waterway for drinks, dinner, dancing, etc.

Saturday - Option #2:

Kind of a free for all...whatever you want to in Old Town Spring, walk around Market Street, go into Houston. Just a relaxed morning/afternoon for whatever groups to do what they want.

Saturday Night - pick up at the hotel: 5:00pm:

Celebrity Murder Mystery Dinner Theater! $55.00 per person, includes 3 course dinner, entertainment and tip. This is held at a famous/almost historic Houston restaurant downtown...super cool place.

I have reserved a section at the restaurant because they sell out quickly and I wanted to make sure we would all be seated together at one big table, in case this ends up being the majority vote.

Whatever the majority vote is is what we'll do MH and I will provide transportation into Houston for us all to be together in a big corporate shuttle no matter what event we decide to do. And of course Walt/John if we go the Waterway at G2G would be the same without him

Sunday: Brunch at our normal place for anyone who wants to join

So, if you're interested in coming, please post on this thread and I'll keep it updated.

5 years...WOW!! What a great SI tradition!!!

For Sure's








PlanC & Mrs.PlanC(Friday night)



Wifehad5 & Brokenroad


Little Turtle & SO





Tred & sandaway



Briarrose33 & Mr. Briarrose33

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Annual Christmas Card Elf Party!! Pictures start on Page 3

So the official date is: December 5th.

Location: Top Secret! North Pole Area

Time: 5:00PM

Dinner, drinks and desert will be provided for all the hard working Elves!!

Please sign up here or PM me so we know a head count

Thank you all so much...MH and I always appreciate your help!!!


Inconnu & SO

WOE's & HT





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4th Annual The Woodlands, TX - St. Patricks Day G2G-Pictures page 19

Dates: March 13th - 15th

Location: The Woodlands, TX (just north of Houston) Depending on how many come, I'll most likely be able to get our normal hotel discount for a block of rooms. The hotel has already called me asking if it's still on for this!

So this year we thought we'd mix it up a little

Friday - March 13th.

Meet and Greet on The Waterway. We'll still have our regular shuttle driver pick everyone up at the hotel and we'll hang at the various restaurants and bars out there.

Saturday - March 14th - during the day.

You're all kind of on your own with shopping, sight-seeing, museum district, zoo, etc. (in Houston) or any good activities that are happening up here. I'll keep an eye on our local calendar and update with events on this main post as I see things.

Saturday - March 14th - late afternoon.

Crawfish boil here at our house MH has mastered crawfish and all the sides that go with it. Corn, potatoes, sausage, mushrooms. The rest we'll have catered: Red beans and rice, fried chicken, big tossed salad, deserts, etc.

Beer, wine, soda, coffee, tea will all be provided as well.

So weather permitting...big ass party at our house If the weather doesn't look in our favor...we'll definitely have an alternate plan in place...just don't know what that will be yet.

Sunday - March 15th.

Brunch at our normal place for anyone that is still here and wanting some great food and music to start their morning off with.

Anyone interested, please post on this thread and we'll get the list started

We're looking forward to another year of our friends visiting and making new friends along with way!

Definite Attendee's






















Sad in AZ

Perserver & SO




Possible Attendee's













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And The First Set Of Cards....

Have arrived!! Marcus, Kyle and Teddy are keeping track of them all

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Elf Party!!!

When: Saturday - December 6th

Time: 5:30ish

Where: MH and DS's house

We are in need of 3 more if anyone is interested.

Below are the listed For Sure Elves for this year's Great Christmas Card Sorting Party


The Aggressively Handsome Holding Together





MadeOfScars (I'm putting him on this list because I'm forcing him to come )

Here's how it works.

1. You come of our house and you are overwhelmed by the stacks and stacks of cards (MH and I have already opened and stacked the bundles)

2. We do a shot of Patron

3. We eat pizza and calzones

4. We sort and label the cards. (MH has already printed the labels for each participant)

5. We do another shot of Patron

6. We bundle the cards back up and put them in the US Mail bins.

7. We then pat ourselves on the back for a job well done!

It's a lot of fun and it can bring much joy to all involved. Plus, Teddy, Kyle and Marcus are entertaining too

Santa has already visited our house to spread Christmas Cheer to all the Elves that come

*This is a huge undertaking and the Elves that come to help are so generous with their time. We know just how big of a job this really is. So thank you very much!!!!

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Ideas Thread: Getting the word out!

This thread is for the purpose of Porcupine's SI book idea.



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