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What are your plans for the 4th?

It's looking like we'll be battling rain today. We're just going to grill in between showers and try to roll with it.

Not too much special going on here- just some burgers, brats, watermelon, cantaloupe, potato salad, and I may attempt some apple hand pies, later, but that's really intimidating because it's something my grandmother used to do (and she was a fabulous cook!). I may lose my nerve on that one.

DD and H are going to try to catch some fireworks on the lake with a friend tonight. I'm not up for that, so I'll just stay home and rest.

What are your plans for food and fun today?

ETA: Please post pics of your food or celebrations, if you like. I'd love to see them!

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My Family of "Sconers"

Sconers, SconeHenge, Scone Heads... Terms we've been throwing around, for the last few days.

Last week, I started craving Orange Scones. I'm on some meds that make everything taste pretty much the same and, I think I was hoping to actually taste something.

I was pretty intimidated because I had never made scones before...

No pressure, right?

So, I started researching and referencing different recipes and came up with the one I would try first. I always custom-write recipes to what I want. I just reference lots of other recipes and hope for the best, on the first try.

So, I set about making my first orange scones. I tediously zested three oranges and juiced them by hand. I carefully assembled the dry ingredients, then cut in the fat. I VERY carefully mixed the remaining ingredients (because that's the point where you can make it tough and dry), shaped and cut out 16 Orange Scones. Butter, into the oven, prepare glaze, and wait...

DD pops into the kitchen because of the orange smell and starts whining because she can't wait.

I send her away.

I'm watching, timing, smelling the scones, and hoping for the best.

The scones came out and I hit them with a quick brush of glaze, so it would begin to sink in. A couple of minutes later, another brush of glaze. This one sits on top better.

The moment of truth arrives and we are sampling the scones with some coffee. OMG! This isn't like any other scone we've ever had! It's more like a scone-shaped doughnut or one of those Dunkin Stix (only WAY better) things you can dunk in coffee.

They are DIVINE! We started with a plate of 16 and between the three of us and there were four left, in under an hour.

Late in the evening, DD realizes we're running low on scones and tries to talk her dad into a midnight run to the store for more oranges. Seriously. She was afraid of running out. Jonesin' for Scones.

I didn't want to let her down, but I didn't have oranges, so I used what I had on hand and made Pineapple Scones with a Coconut Glaze yesterday. Same deal- 16 and they are gone now.

H went to the grocery store yesterday and bought me some more oranges and some apples because he wants Apple Scones and I want the Orange Ones that started it because DD ate most of those.

I've decided to bake two batches of scones tonight, then I'm shutting down the bakery.

I'll be making Salted Caramel Apple Scones and the Orange Scones for my family of "Sconers".

Then, I'm shutting down the bakery, for a while.

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Stupid Picture Friday

70 comments posted: Friday, June 17th, 2016

Just discovered this brewery...

I was REALLY unsure where to post this, so I hope I have it right. This local entertainment paper had this brewery in there. I didn't know it existed, but I cracked up when I saw it:

5 comments posted: Sunday, October 5th, 2014

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